ATS Trial Manager Service is an online service to assist in the management of UKI associated dog agility trials.


Data Entry
Data entry can be completed by uploading a spreadsheet of entries from UKI into ATS or by manual data entry.
Existing entries can be modified (add or remove runs); new entries can be added easily enough for day-of-trial entries
Run Order
Full control of class, height & individual run orders (cannot split classes)
Gate Sheets
Generates gate sheets for each course; includes indicators to change A-frame height & use of spread jumps.
Scribe Sheets
Generates scribe sheets 4 to a page so that, when stacked and cut, are in the proper order. Subsets can be printed for changed and/or new entries.
Computes scores, placements and Q's from "raw" results; handles runoffs and games.
Masters Series
Computes run order for second course from results of first; calculates payouts; determines and generates Finals certificates.
Reporting Results
Can generate results pages in various forms; can generate ribbon labels; has a "real time" display for current results.
Can generate a spreadsheet w/ results filled in, ready to send to UKI.
Email participants
Can send email to participants, including entry lists and results.
Day 1-4 Day 5-8 Day 9-12 Day 13+
$55 /day $40 /day $35 /day Free

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